Custom Parts

Electrical Wire Ferrules Spade Lugs & Contacts

Custom sizes in bulk or Tape & Reel. Tooled and Optimized for Wire Processing Equipment (Artos, etc). Various wire gauges, UL/ETL approvals on request.

Submersible,Sub-Sea Wet-Mating Connectors / Cable assembly

Push-Pull mating connectors; standard and waterproof (IP68)

Field Installable IP68 cable connectors, Cable Jointers / Cable assembly

Stainless, Titanium, Brass & Plastic custom
screws bolts, fasteners. Stand-off, Rivets, Spacers

Standard Connectors & Components

(Through Distributors)

Vibration-Proof Washers, Fasteners for High-Vibration Environment Bolt Tensioners, Lug-pins, Pivot-Pins

Thermistor & RTD Temperature Sensors, Custom Assemblies

Very Small Form Factor Connectors; Wire-wire, Wire-board, Discrete Wire Cable Assembly (Crimp, IDC), SDHC

Terminal Blocks, Spring Contacts, I/O (usb, RJ45, M12), PCB Headers,
M12 & M8 Connectors, Cables RJ45 Connectors, Assemblies, Customs

IDC Flat Cables, Connectors, PCB Headers, Terminal Blocks

Indicator LED, SMT & Thru-hole. LED Light Pipe, Standard & Custom

Reed Switches, Sensors. Hall Effect Switch, Level Sensors

Wireform Interconnects. Test Points, Battery Contacts, Jumpers

Piezoelectric Transducers, Buzzers, Alarms, Speakers

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