Servicing Technology
Manufacturing & Repair Companies

BTS is a Manufacturers Agent & Reseller based in Vancouver, Canada. We serve Technology Manufacturing and Maintenance companies in a variety of industries such as; Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Electronics, Marine, Medical and various Commercial & Industrial Equipment.

Our Products

Custom Mechanical Parts

Die-Casting, Machined Parts, Sheet Metal & Plastics sub-assemblies, Automation Robotics

Tools for Manufacturing

Torque Controlled fastening, Bolting, Pneumatic & Electric tools, Shadow boards, Reaction Arms, Soldering Stations

Workbenches & Storage Systems

Custom/Standard Workbenches, Storage Cabinets/Racking, Belt & Roller Conveyers

Connectors & Sensors

PCB Connectors, Terminal blocks, Waterproof & IP68 , I/O Connectors, RTD/Thermistor Temp sensors

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Materials & Adhesives

UV Cure adhesives, conformal coatings, FIP Gasketing, Potting Compounds, Silicon Adhesives, Coatings, Mfg Services

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We are Local

A local face for our Customers and Suppliers

Technical Support

Focused technical support through experienced Supplier Application Engineers

Supply Chain Support

Local Supply Chain support & Stocking, Collaboration with local Distributors

Total Coverage

Components, Assemblies, Custom Parts, Tools & Equipment, Manufacturing Materials

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